Experienced Medicaid & Long-Term Care Planning Attorneys in Rhode Island

We work with families, even under emergency situations, to protect the home and others assets from being lost to nursing home expenses.

One of the most emotional and complicated events a person can encounter as they age is facing the need for care in a nursing home. This is true not only for the person who needs the care but also for family and friends.

The toll is not only emotional in nature, but in many cases carries devastating financial implications as well. Our attorneys can help you make sense of the situation and understand your short and long-term planning options.

We also represent many people who come to us about their parents, and who feel lost or intimidated by the complicated process of applying for Medicaid or dealing with nursing homes. As experienced elder law attorneys, we take great pride in guiding our clients, step by step, through every stage of the Medicaid application process. Our expertise in elder law often results in saving homes and other assets from being spent on nursing home expenses.

Our Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning Services include:

  • Free initial consultations
  • Written proposals with detailed explanations
  • Flat fee quotations in most instances
  • Draft document reviews, either real-time or via email
  • At-home document signing upon request

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Medicare pay for nursing home costs?

Yes, but only for a limited time in certain circumstances.

My parents are already elderly; is there any way that we can protect their home?

Yes, there are a variety of options available to save some or all of their home, but you should discuss them with us to see which one is most appropriate.

My mother is already in a nursing home in Rhode Island; is there anything that we can do to save her assets?

Yes, even in this situation, we can usually help preserve at least part of her savings.

Medicaid is a Federal program, so it works the same across the country, right?

No. Although Medicaid is a Federal program, it allows each state to run their own operation and there are significant differences between them (for example, RI and MA are very different).

Will Medicaid provide assistance to people who want to remain at home?

Typically, the assistance provided to people who want to live at home is fairly limited, so clients should plan for Long Term Care scenarios.

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