Thorough and Attentive Probate and Guardianship Lawyers in Rhode Island

We have represented thousands of estates, executors and beneficiaries in probate matters, and we have even advised heirs regarding contesting the validity of a will.

Whether due to a death or disability, probate proceedings are sometimes necessary. Our attorneys do a great job of reviewing the process with you and making it as quick as possible.

We practice regularly in probate courts throughout RI, and on occasion in MA and CT. With our expertise, you will better understand the purpose of probate as well as the steps involved. Whether it is a simple case of getting access to a bank account or facilitating the sale of a house where there is no will, we can help.

Our Probate and Guardianship Services include:

  • Opening probate estates after a death in the family
  • Helping clients administer and close estates
  • Representing clients in the sale of real estate or other assets
  • Assisting clients with Guardianship reporting requirements
  • Acting as Guardian ad Litem in Guardianships

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do people want to avoid probate?

Two reasons – time and money. By law, estates must remain pending for a certain amount of time before they are closed, and attorneys are usually involved in the process, billing for their services.

How do attorneys charge for probate work?

We only charge for our time, so we are only paid for what we do

Will probate complicate the process of selling my parents’ home?

Proceedings will add some time and cost to that process, but it will depend on certain things like whether the parent had a will or died without one.

Why do people establish guardianships?

In most cases, guardianships are established to allow someone to manage the affairs of another, especially when there is no Power of Attorney in place.

Once a guardianship is set up, then what?

Generally, the Guardian must file documents each year to summarize the decisions they made on behalf of the person who they care for, both personal and financial.

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